Induction Program Requirements;

  • Do you have a preliminary multiple and/or single subject credential or Level I Education Specialist or preliminary Education Specialist credential?
  • Are you employed in a K-12 educational institution?
  • Do you need to clear your credential credential?   

If you answered YES to all three questions, you are eligible for Induction! 


The Induction Experience with Newark Teacher Induction (East Bay Induction Consortium)

Induction Experience Document
Determine Eligibility Credential Information 

Delay of Program

Decline to Participate

Early Completion Option application packet

Intake Interview with Program Director Guide to ILP 2018

Credential Candidate Memorandum of Understanding

Initial Self-assessment on the ILP to develop professional growth goals within sixty days of enrollment Levels of Teacher Development on the CSTP
Initial observation by mentor Guide to ILP 2018
Triad Meeting with Mentor & principal to set professional growth goals Guide to ILP 2018
Develop the Individual Learning Plan (ILP) ILP 2018
Provide anonymous feedback on program implementation and activities (October & May) Program Effectiveness Survey questions

Mentor Reassignment form

Mid-year revisit of self-assessments on the ILP to monitor/ modify professional growth goals Levels of Teacher Development on the CSTP
* Optional: Investigation of Practice Teacher Inquiry  
Triad Meeting #2 with mentor and principal to review and/or modify ILP Guide to ILP
Update Individual Learning Plan ILP 2018
Final self-assessment on the ILP Levels of Teacher Development on the CSTP
Preparing for the Colloquium Guide to ILP
Surveys to provide feedback on Mentor effectiveness and support 

Completed on November, January, March & April

Sample Candidate Log
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