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Organization Presentation Descriptions
For the Love of Teachers How to Manage your (virtual) Classroom Like A Pro
Blackboard / University of Phoenix   “Virtual Teaching Academy “
VTA Kick-off Part 1

What We’ve Learned: The Shift to Virtual Teaching and Learning”

“This session featured a moderated panel discussion that engaged district leaders who have successfully helped their schools adapt to the new ways of teaching amidst COVID-19. Panelists discussed steps their districts took before March that enabled them to succeed, what they learned and where their districts are today. The webinar is an opportunity for education leaders, teachers and experts to reflect on the K-12 education system’s response to the pandemic as they begin thinking about the 2020-2021 school year and beyond.”
VTA Kick-off Part 2

Where We’re Going: How To Succeed in the “New Normal”

The second kick-off webinar featured a moderated panel discussion  designed to support K-12 public district leaders in their thinking, analysis, and planning of where they need to be in the Fall regarding continuity of learning and virtual teaching and learning.  Panelists discussed their readiness plans that helped them shift seamlessly to remote learning, what schools should think about doing differently regarding equity, and technology, and what to achieve during the Summer to set their district and students up for success in the Fall.”
VTA Session 1: Blueprint for Success Planning for a Successful Shift to Virtual Teaching and Learning
VTA Session 2: Virtual Teaching Best Practices When Teaching and Learning Move Home
VTA Session 3: Equitable Access Providing Equitable Access to Instruction and Resources for Each Student and Teacher
VTA  Session 4: Student Relationships Keeping Students and Teachers Connected, as well as Students to Students  
VTA  Session 5: Parent Relationships Supporting and Communicating with Families When Learning Moves Home
VTA Session 6:  Synchronous and Asynchronous Instruction When to Come Together and Why?
VTA Session 7: Special Needs Populations Serving the Needs of Special Education, Gifted, and English
VTA Session 8: Evidence of Student Learning Are Students Learning and How Do We Know 
VTA Session 9: Teacher Professional Development Aligning Plans with Teacher Needs and Best Practices
VTA Session 10: Instructional Resources Not Putting  the Cart Before the Horse – “Why” first and then “What”
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BEETLES Project Resources for Outdoor Science Program 

BEETLES YouTube Channel link 

California Teachers Association (CTA) Distance Learning Support Series
ditchthattextbook.com Matt Miller’s 25 Practical Ways to Use Google Forms
Don Johnson Human Learning Tools  eLearning for ELLs: How to Make a Difference with the Right Tools and Strategies

 Don Johnson Human Learning Tools



CARES Act Funding for Schools: What You Need to Know to Improve Access to Education

EdTech Team  EdTech Team and Remote and Blending Learning Resources Hub
edTech Blended Learning Readiness Webinar  Blended Learning Readiness Webinar 

Blended Learning Readiness Index

Education Week 5 Tips to Remote Learning PD Success by David Saleh Rauf

How We Go Back to School: We present a broad spectrum of options endorsed by public health officials, explain strategies that some districts will adopt, and provide estimated costs. (5-Part Article)

New Teacher Center Effectively Engage and Support Your District’s Diverse Learners

PASSWORD: 5k&*X2zj

NUSD Professional Development Edtech Sessions NUSD Professional Development Edtech Sessions  

Series of online courses on the following topics:

  • Learning Management Systems 
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Assessment 
  • Creating Engaging Content 
  • Other

The flyer will include links to the recorded webinar, slide decks, and other resources.

 Katie Stephens 

in “Creative Ways Students Can Show What They Know and Demonstrate Learning”

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Flipgrid Basics:

 Katie Stephens 

in “Creative Ways Students Can Show What They Know and Demonstrate Learning”

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