Site administrators have a more active and critical role in Induction with the  2016 Induction Standards.  Here are the standards that explicitly define the role of site administrators:

Induction Program Standard 2: Components of the Mentoring Design

The Induction program’s mentoring design must be based on a sound rationale informed by theory and research, and must provide multiple opportunities for candidates to demonstrate growth in the California Standards for the Teaching Profession. The mentoring approach implemented by the program must include the development of an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) for candidates based on needs determined by the teacher and program provider, in consultation with the site administrator and guided by the Preliminary Program Transition Plan. The ILP must address identified candidate competencies that support the recommendation for the credential.

Induction Program Standard 3: Designing and Implementing Individual Learning Plans within the Mentoring System

The Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) must address the California Standards for the Teaching Profession and provide the road map for candidates’ Induction work during their time in the program along with guidance for the mentor in providing support. The ILP must be collaboratively developed at the beginning of Induction by the candidate and the mentor, with input from the employer regarding the candidate’s job assignment, and guidance from the program staff. The ILP must include candidate professional growth goals, a description of how the candidate will work to meet those goals, defined and measurable outcomes for the candidate, and planned opportunities to reflect on progress and modify the ILP as needed. The candidate’s specific teaching assignment should provide the appropriate context for the development of the overall ILP; however, the candidate and the mentor may add additional goals based on the candidate’s professional interests such as, for example, advanced certifications, additional content area literacy, early childhood education, case management, evidence-based practices supportive of specific disabilities within the candidate’s caseload, consultation, collaboration, co-teaching, and collaborating with para-educators and service providers. Within the ILP, professional learning and support opportunities must be identified for each candidate to practice and refine effective teaching practices for all students through focused cycles of inquiry.

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